White fishscale tile bathroom feature wall

5 New Fish Scale Tiles for Walls and Floors

Fish scale tiles are a great way to add style and texture to your tiling job. They are associated with a Moroccan influence when used in home décor but with the large range of finishes and textures of fish scale tiles now available the result of using fish scale tiles can work with most design influences.

There are flat surfaced fish scale tiles for a clean and crisp looking wall or floor If you are looking for more than that, there is the option of an indented tile face or an undulating tile face to introduce shadow as well and shape and colour to your wall or floor.

 White Gloss Fishscale tile    Fishscale Tile in Antique White

The result is always an eye catching effect that draws you in closer to touch. The extra play of shadows can have the effect of softening the surface and contrasts well with hard stone or wood look tiles.

Fishscale Tile Black Indented tile  Fishscale Tile Black on bathroom floor  Fishscale Tile in Water Green

The colour range we have available covers all the neutral colours of white black greys and beige colours. New colour ranges are a rustic glazed white where the glaze is thinner to allow the darker porcelain to almost show through.

Fishscale Tile in Antique silver

A metal plated silver finish that looks like speckled silver when light reflects off it but looks charcoal coloured in shadow A

Fishscale Tile in Antique Metal Finish

metal plated antique finish that looks like weathered smooth silver in the light but charcoal coloured in shadow.

The new indented tile face range of fish scale tiles gives a regulated shadow line where as the undulating tile face gives a more rustic shadow effect to the tiles.

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