Eclipse -  a textured mix of mosaic tiles. Using a high gloss black glaze that verges mirror reflection, a silver textured finish and a satin matt finish on both silver and dark grey tiles. The combo is a good mix of light and dark, gloss and matt that results in a very versatile look.

Where I think it would perfect.

As a feature tile of dark colours - this is a must for your short list. It would look stunning in a contemporary white based bathroom as an accent. Think of using it in a recess or on one wall within a shower

As a splash back in a kitchen it would complement the stainless steel already there with fridges and stovetops.

As a contrast to wooden benchtops in both kitchen and bathrooms. The satin matt finish on the mix of tiles gives them a bluestone feel and lends it to be paired with the texture of wood.

The satin matt silver tiles have a look that would complement any use of chrome in fixtures and fitting.

I think it’s my favourite tile in the showroom right now.

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