When you are building or renovating your house you start with a great big exciting list of things you want to use to make it look perfect once finished.

One of those items may be Natural Stone only you find out how much work is involved in keeping it looking fresh or the price puts it out of your budget.

Greigo Stone Look Tile used in living room

With the ability of Tile manufacturers to mimic the look of natural stone improving over the last few years they can now produce very convincing Porcelain tiles. This means you can have the best of both Natural Stone and Porcelain combined.

Greigo Stone look Porcelain Tile

You still get Natural Stones Character Strengths

  • Ability to compliment a wide range of design schemes

  • Distinct natural patterning and enduring beauty

With the added advantage of Porcelains Strengths

  • Extremely easy to keep clean

  • No ongoing maintenance or Sealing required

  • Affordable price range

Calcutta Marble look Porcelain tile used in a bathroom

If you thought you would have to leave Natural Stone off your wish list because you couldn’t stretch your budget that much or you were discouraged by the thought of all the effort needed to keep Natural Stone looking good then have a closer look at Everstones Euromarmo Series available at MDC Mosaics.

Calcutta Gold Porcelain Tile

A great range of porcelain tiles that mimic Calcutta Marble, Terracotta and Greigo Stone.