For those who love both beige and grey and don’t know what side to go with there is a new range of tiles that cover both the bases.

There is an accent tile with a mix of geometric and Moroccan patterns using both grey and beige that is both right on trend and a timeless look.

Beige and Grey Feature Tile

The feature tile is backed up with a complimentary range of gloss 300mm x 450mm tiles using the colours from the feature tile in beige, light grey and dark grey.

White Concrete ceramic gloss tile Grey Concrete ceramic gloss tile Charcoal Concrete ceramic gloss tile

You can use the feature tile and have the harmonious beige or grey tile used on the bulk of the wall. Have your grey with a little bit of beige or go beige with a touch of grey. And know it works and looks stunning.

It's a big decision when choosing the colour tone or pallet for your home -  which shade of Neutral to side with - Beige or Grey. It is the basis of all the choices you make for Wall colour and Floor coverings – all those big surfaces that you want to cover and have last as long as possible before re surfacing. You want them to be harmonious. 

This new range of tiles incorporates both beige and grey allowing you to have a little of one in the feature tile and still have the bulk of the surfaces in the dominant neutral. 

Come in to our showroom to see just how good these tiles look. And at a great price too.

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