Bisazza Shading Blend Mosaic Tiles for uplifting bathroom walls and floors

Images as seen in the Grand Designs Australia Magazine The bathrooms use shading blends from dark to light to give an exciting and uplifting feel to the floors and walls.

Green Gradating Shading Blend  Blue Gradating Shading Blend Blue Gradating Shading Blend and White Wall Tiles

Bisazza have shading blends like what is seen in these bathrooms in a huge range of colours.

The beauty of using Bisazza for these shading blends is that you can choose any point of the shade to start and end at. The Bisazza shading blends have from mix 1 at the light end to mix 8 at the dark end. If you only want the lighter half of the shading blend then you are able to choose the mix number you want to stop at.

Blue and Brown Shading Blends from Bisazza Greens and Grey Shading Blends from Bisazza

All Bisazza glass mosaic tiles have a wonderful denseness in the colour and each tile is perfectly square. With the right tiler you are sure of a sleek, classy and uplifting bathroom.

MDC Tiles and Mosaics are able to supply you with all Bisazza shading blends and all sizes of white wall tiles to achieve a bathroom as beautiful as these.


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