What product is best to protect against Efflorescence and Damp? 


Damp and efflorescence can be a problem that leaves visible discolouration, stains, mould and mildew. Creating Unhealthy and unsightly rooms and outdoor areas.

Efflock has been created to combat these issues.

Places Where Damp and Efflorescence is an issue.

Use Efflock when tiling the following places

    • Bathroom
    • Balcony
    • Pool surrounds
    • Paving with natural stone  
    • If you have saline soils.

How to protect against Damp and Efflorescence

Add Efflock to all or any of the following stages prior to tiling.

    • Mix in with the tile screed
    • Mix in with the adhesive and grout
    • Use as a sealer for sandstone

The more layers you add Efflock to - the better protection you will have.



Features and Benefits of Efflock protection.


    • 1. An impregnating sealer which means it is absorbed into the mass and is not affected by traffic wear or movement cracks.
    • 2. Helps water to evaporate quickly to inhibit moss and mould growth keeping your bathrooms, outdoor and stone paving healthier and drier.
    • 3. Blocks out waterborne dirt and salt which results in a cleaner appearance.
    • 4. Protects against picture framing and crypto florescence keeping your stone looking uniform in colour just as it does when you first lay it.
    • 5. Water based, VOC free and environmentally friendly.
    • 6. Concentrated and dilutes to 100 times its volume.
    • 7. UV stable and has an invisible finish.
    • 8. One Litre of Efflock will cover approximately 16m2 of tiling when using in tile screed, tile adhesive and tile grout for maximum protection. (Based on 300x300x10mm tile and 40mm thick tile screed.)
Efflock Protects Against Damp and Efflorescence


MDC Tiles is a Distributor of Efflock and associated products.

For more information about Efflock or to see if there are other products to deal with your damp and effloresence issues please give MDC Tiles a call on 02 9524 1399 and talk with Gen or Anthony for a clear idea on what is best for you.


*Please always refer to a products technical data sheet for full information about a products suitability to your situation prior to purchase and application.