The latest hisbalit mosaic tile colour to be introduced in to Australia - Lagoon is a jade green tile blended with 50% iridescent glaze and 50% regular gloss glaze tiles.

Lagoon is a jade green colour with blend of iridescent and gloss glaze

The jade green colour and combination of glazes used in Hisbalit lagoon mosaic tile is great for use in swimming pools where you are aiming to create a natural bush feel to your pool.

This jade green compliments the colour of sandstone and natural bush rock used around your pool.

Lagoon provides a relaxed natural look to the water in any level of sunlight.

The iridescent glaze blended with the gloss mosaic tiles gives a sparkle and lift to the pool that raises the level of allure. You will want to kick off your shoes, slip into your pool to let your stresses flow away.

For peace of mind when using tiles in swimming pools all Hisbalit mosaics use the Traces System which employs a backing that does not alter in different environments, particularly water. That means these mosaic tiles have the best available backing to allow them to stick to your pool’s surface and not fall off over time. Please note though that the quality of the waterproofing and adhesives used with your mosaics play just as big a part in this.

The Traces System does not intrude into the grout joint, giving you a superior quality advantage as you can achieve full, uninterrupted grout coverage.

If you would like a sample sent to your or if you can come in to our showroom to compare Lagoon with other greens available please phone us 9524 1399 and we would be more than happy to help.

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