Thanks to digital printing technology Patterned Tiles are now affordable and widely available. These gorgeous patterned tiles create a patchwork of pattern and create character and charm in your bathroom and kitchen when balanced with simple and neutral surrounding space and hardware.

Patterned Tile Moroccan Mismatch on Bathroom Flor

The addition of patterned tiles works with and enhances wood accents and the warms the industrial style.

Types of patterns range from geometric patterns that repeat and interlock to create a modern look with an Art Deco or mid-century type of feel.

 Patterned Tile Geometric Black and White Overlapping Circles  Patterned Tile Geometric Square Thin Lines  Patterned Tile Geometric Square Thick Lines

More flowery patterns incorporating flourishes and fleur-de-lis stylised artwork evokes the old world feel of Art Nouveau.

Patterned Tiles Geometric and Flowery  Patterned Tiles Flowery and Geometric  Patterned Tiles Interlocking

The mismatch combination of Zellige style and Moroccan inspired Tiles. These tiles replicate old classic designs, colours and patterns from Mexico, Spain and the Mediterranean to create a timeless rustic warmth.

Patterned Tile Moroccan Mismatch   Patterned Tile Blue and Brown Interlocking  Patterned Tile Blue and Brown Interlocking Pattern

Abstract patterned tiles embrace the 60’s style of art work with off centre placement of colour blocks. Bringing a fun element to the patterns.

Patterned Tile Abstract Hexagon Off Center  Patterned Tile Abstract Geometric Hexagon Tiles  Patterned Tile Abstract Circles  Patterned Tile Abstract Patterns

One way to soften the impact of pattern is to use muted colours or greys rather than black. And remember the all importantance of balancing the impact of pattern with using simple and neutral colours to stop the pattern becoming overwhelming. 

Visit our showroom in Miranda for a comprehensive range of patterned tiles and for help from our interiour designer to acheive a perfect balance of pattern and plain.

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