Silver mosaic tiles that won’t oxidise when used in water.

Bisazza has produced a new tile made of 100% platinum which can be used in swimming pools, showers and very humid environments without becoming oxidised.

The Platino tiles come with a certificate of authenticity which provides a total guarantee for their use in water.

You can now have peace of mind that your touch of glamour will always look bright and fresh with no oxidisation.

Bisazza Platino Platinum mosaic tile           Bisazza Platino used in Decoration in a swimming pool 


The Platino mosaic comes in both 10x10mm and 20x20mm mosaic tiles. There is also a choice of smooth or rippled surface texture.

Use on their own or at no extra cost as a replacement for Oro Bis Bianco in Bisazza’s mosaic blends and decorations.

Contact Glen or Cassie at MDC Mosaics for more information. PH 02 9524 1399