Fuga Fresca Grout Paint

I know for me it's in the much used shower that my grout starts to look tired and old. It's white and it doesn't stay that way.

If you are looking to totally change the colour of your grout Fuga Fresca is perfect for this too. There is a range of colours. Four shades of Grey, White, Black and a Beige and Cream colour.

You may think you need to totaly remove all your old discoloured grout and get a professional to regrout your tiles. Hours of hard fiddly work.

But give Fuga Fresca a try first. You will be suppried how easy and quick it is to totally refresh your grout and have it looking better than it ever has.

The bottle with a sponge tip has a red ball that you depress and the grout paint is released as you drag the sponge tip along the grout line. Very easy to get the hang of. The grout may get up on the edge of the tile but is easily removed with a dry cloth. Just make sure you have cleaned the grout first to remove anything that may come between the grout surface and the grout paint. Let the grout dry for a couple of hours and then paint away. Your newly refreshed grout will be ready for action after a few hours dry time. I'm sure it is less time but better safe than sorry.

Fuga Fresca grout paint is specifically made for grout and is a polymer based paint that gives it extra qualities that help block water absorption. It is hard wearing but if you notice you have scrubbed a bit away it is easy to do a touch up with any grout paint that is left in your applicator.

You can pick up your Fuga Fresca Grout paint from MDC Mosaics and have your grout fantasticly refreshed easily.

Fuga Fresca Grout Applicator