Decorative Tile Range with Rustic Country Farmhouse Feel

Rustic Olive Decor and Gloss Tiles 148x148mm1) Rustic Cobalt Decor and Gloss Tiles 148x148mm2)  Rustic Navy Decor and Gloss Tiles 148x148mm3)

These decorative tiles have a matching base tile and come in three colour ranges.

1)The Rustic Olive colour has a faint blue tinge to the colour with the raised pattern showing strong stone colours. The base tile has mostly stone colour in the glaze. Great to create that stone feel that has been softened by a wash of colour. Perfect for using around a rustic fireplace or as a splashback where you want to create a strong link to earthy natural elements.

2)The Cobalt decor and base tile have a deep blue colour with stone accents in the raised pattern of the decor tile and as the majority of the glaze on the base tile. The colour would work well in a dark colour based kitchen to introduce touch of difference with texture and colour.

3)The Navy decor tile has a bright light blue colour with the raised patten the navy colour. The base tile is mostly the darker navy with highlights of the brighter lighter blue. This tile would work well to bring a beachy or Hamptons feel to a laundry or kitchen if used as the splashback.

The Decorative tile is sold seperately from the Gloss base tile. The Base tile can be used with the decorative tile making a border around the area or both base and decorative tile can be blended and a random mix. Their use is only limited by your choice of design style.

Rustic Olive Decorative Tile 148x148mm   Rustic Olive Gloss Tile 148x148mm   Rustic Cobalt Decorative Tile 148x148mm   Rustic Cobalt Gloss Tile 148x148mm   Rustic Navy Decorative Tile 148x148mm   Rustic Navy Gloss Tile 148x148mm

The pressed tin look and raised pattern is proving to be popular and versitle with many currently popluar design styles using it as an accent.

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