Using geometric patterns with your tiles in a space such as a splashback or wall recess can create a visual impact that attacts the eye as soon as you enter the room.     

Geometric Circle Patterned Tile         Geometric Triangle Patterned Tile         Geometric Diamond Patterened Tile         


The interest and excitement that the pattern creates draws you in for a closer look. When you use them sparingly covering a space of 2m2   or less it still allows you to play with other accents in the room and the tiles don’t dominate in an overpowering way.

Rustic Green Matt Coloured Tile Rustic Patterned 161 Feature Tile Rustic Terracotta Coloured Matt Tile Rustic Patterned 160 Feature Tile Rustic Blue Matt Fetaure Tile Rustic Feature 121 Tile Rustic White Matt Feature Tile Rustic Triangle Patterned Feature Tile Rustic Grey Matt Coloured Feature Tile

Other design elements such as colour and form used in other items in your room can be complimented or reinforced by the use of geometric patterned tiles to tie your style choices together.


  • Places to ues
    • Splashback
    • Wall recess

    • Border on floor


  • Benefits

    • Strong visual impact that is part of overall design concept

    • Creates exciting elements for surfaces

    • Draws you in for a closer look

    • Currently a strong trend in interior design that is easily achievable.


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