MX0060Sandstone look Tile with 16 variation

This great looking Sandstone look porcelain tile is perfect for outdoor use with an R11 slip rating.

By using a Sugar Glaze Technology these tiles have a sprinkling of fine sugar-like particles on the surface which under light appear to twinkle.

This Glaze also gives the feeling of touching sandstone when you touch the surface of the tile. .

The tiles have a strong acid and stain resistance yet remain easy to clean with the correct cleaning methods used.

If you are after the look of natural stone but also want an easy care option then take a closer look at this great tile.

Visit MDC Mosaics & Tiles showroom and have a close up look and feel of this tile.

This sandstone look tile comes in 600x600 as well as 300x600mm sizes and there are 16 shade variations in the colour.

 MX0060 Sandstone look tile laid in situation