Quad Skimmer box lids are a step above the traditional plastic lids you see around pools. They blend in with your paving giving no interruption to the clean lines of your pool.  Skimmer Lids new design blends in by using your paver or tile as the lid.

Quad Skimmer Lid before and after comparison

The Quad Skimmer Lid made by Skimmer Lids Pty Ltd allows you to use your choice of paving as the skimmer lid infill making the finished product blend seamlessly with your pool surrounds

Quad Skimmer Lid comparision of plastic and Paver

The skimmer lid sits flush with the surrounding pavers and eliminates trip hazards.

Your tile is set into a robust 316 marine grade stainless steel tray which protects your paver from chipping, cracking or even possibly breaking. The depth of the tray can be chosen to match your paving material.

Quad Skimmer Lid frame and recess close up     Quad Skimmer Lid Key robust stainless steelSkimmer Lid Key

The recess frame which is also available at MDC Mosaics & Tiles adds structure and protects the surrounding pavers from chipping or cracking from accidental dropping of the lid when closing. An added benefit of using the recess frame allows for early set out and provision for the skimmer lid while laying the pavers.

The Quad Skimmer Lid key used to lift the lid is made from the same 316 marine grade stainless steel as the tray and is well sized to allow for a comfortable and solid hand grip when moving the lid to access the skimmer box.

Quad Skimmer lids look Stylish and meet the Australian Standards for swimming pool safety.

  • Skimmer Lids are child resistant – without the key there is no gap big enough for fingers to grab hold of the lid to lift it. – Keep the key separate and out of reach of children.

  • Skimmer Lids Allow adequate ventilation – the key hole is symmetrically cut from the paver meets the clear opening area needed as ventilation for dispersal of possible chemical vapour build up.

For more information or to order your Quad Skimmer lid today phone MDC Mosaics & Tiles on 95241399 or visit our showroom at Studio 2, Rear of 235 The Boulevarde, Miranda NSW 2228