Stainless Steel Floor Waste and Drains That Add Style.


There are great floor waste and drain options available to give your bathroom a sleek and stylish finish.


Stainless steel floor wastes and drains are your best option

–        They won’t rust like the cheaper chrome plated brass floor wastes.

–        They are also harder wearing than the plastic option.

Stainless Steel Floor wastes and drains come in various shapes

–        Traditional square floor waste with a grill insert.

Square Heelguard floor waste Stainless Steel

–        Round Floor waste with grill insert. - This is practical but doesn’t add much to the style of modern floors using square or rectangle tiles in bathrooms.

–        Long thin rectangle length Floor drains.

Heelguard floor drain Stainless Steel

–        Tile Insert wastes and drains to complete the sleek new modern lines of your tiled bathroom floor.

Tile Insert Floor Waste Stainless Steel

Custom made Heelguard grates can be made to order

–        Just email or call us with dimensions and any other specifications and we will provide you with a quote.

Tile Insert Floor Drain Stainless Steel  Heelguard floor drain Stainless Steel


The Stainless steel option is also perfect for the outdoor shower floor waste drainage.

When designing bathrooms and renovating bathrooms people are choosing to make them clean lined and stylish. Great looking tiles go a long way to achieve your desired style. So do tapware and accessories. But don’t forget your floor waste or drain.

Basic Details for Floor Waste and Floor Drains.

Floor Waste

    The small square drain that is used in wet areas to allow water to drain in to the sewer pipes.

-          120mm x 120mm x 15mm measurement for Heelguard version

-          115mm x 115mm x 25mm measurement for  Tile Insert versions

Floor Drain

   The long length of drain that is used in wet areas to allow the water to drain in to the sewer pipes.

–        The Outlet for the water is centred in the drain length.

 Heelguard Drain Info

–        Two Heelguard Drain widths

  • 78mm with an Outlet of 50mm in diameter
  • 105mm with an outlet of 80mm in diameter

–        Length of Heelguard drains can be

  • 600mm
  • 900mm
  • 1000mm
  • 1200mm
  • Custom made
–        The Depth of the Heelguard Floor drain is 18mm.

 Tile Insert Drain Info

–        One Tile Insert Drain Width

  • 76mm

–        Two Tile Inset Drain lengths.

  • 900mm
  • 1000mm

–        The Depth of the Tile Insert Floor drain is 25mm