Using a neutral clean white colour for tiles in your bathroom gives you the best foundation to allow the use of contrasting elements to stand out in what is usually a small space.

Colour and texture are the obvious elements to add. Using Dark or Bright colours as well as Metal or Wood will work well to provide a feature against the White tiles.

But don’t forget that if using white tiles to provide the contrast there is a wide range of options to play with to create a stand out feature - Tile layout such as herringbone, staggered or vertical / horizontal placement - contrasting grout - textured patterns and the resultant shadowing - and the edges of the tiles such as bevelled, rustic irregular, pressed and cushioned….below are a few images to kick start your imagination.


Textured white tiles creating shadows as a feature.

Textured White Tile in Bathroom    White Tile with textured Flower pattern


White Tiles using coloured Grout as a feature.

 White tile with Pink Grout


White Tiles laid in a Herringbone pattern style as a feature.

White Tile laid in Herringbone Pattern


White Tiles with a Bevelled Edge laid in a brick pattern as a feature.

White Tiles with a Bevelled Edge laid in brick pattern


White Tiles in a Hexagon Shape and contrasting dark grout as a feature.

White Tile Hexagon Shape with Dark Grout

At MDC Mosaics and Tiles we have a huge range of white tiles that you can browse through to find the perfect shape size and texture to make your design come to life.

Visit our show room in Miranda and talk with Glen, Anthony or Cassie for design advise and help.