Elastic Sealand 1

Two-component pourable polyurethane sealant with a low modulus of elasticity with good resistance to hydrocarbons. Two-component, pre-dosed, fluid, epoxy-polyurethane sealant modified with hydrocarbon resin with a low modulus of elasticity, for horizontal joints subject to movements of up to 25% and high mechanical stress caused by traffic and aggression from hydrocarbons. Mapeflex PB27 is used for sealing expansion and contraction joints in runways, squares, safety basins which may come into contact with hydrocarbons, garages, car-parks, service stations, airports, hangers, roads, access ramps and industrial plants. Also suitable for sealing basins, storage tanks and canals in permanent contact with water. Certification: ISO 11600 F 25 LM. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet before use. Colours available black. Consumption 0.14 kg/meter (10x10 mm section). Packaging 5 kg (A B) and 10 kg (A B) buckets.

Elastic Sealand 2

Single component, thixotropic, rapid-hardening polyurethane sealant and adhesive with a high modulus of elasticity. Mapeflex PU45 has been specially developed for sealing expansion and distribution joints in horizontal and vertical surfaces, including those which are subject to occasional chemical attack provoked by hydrocarbons, and as a multi-purpose adhesive. Technical Data: Colour: Grey Final Setting after: 24 hours Set to light foot traffic: According to the depth of the joint Storage: 12 months