Liquid polymeric additive for Keracolor FF and GG. Applications: Fugolastic is used as a substitute for water to mix Keracolor FF and GG cementitious grouts, to improve the grout compactness, abrasion resistance and reduce porosity and water absorption. Especially suitable for grouting floors subject to heavy traffic, swimming pools, terraces, balconies and fa├žades. N.B. Do not use Fugolastic with Keracolor FF or GG mix for grouting terracotta floors or porous or rough surfaces. When grouting polished porcelain tiles, a preliminary test is recommended to verify its washability. Technical data: Fugolastic Keracolor: Pot life: approx. 2 hours. Waiting time before finishing: 10-20 minutes. Set to light foot traffic: approx. 24 hours. Ready for use: 7-10 days. Application: MAPEI rubber trowel or squeegee. Finishing: Mapei sponge or Scotch-Brite┬« pad. Storage Fugolastic: 24 months. Protect from frost. Consumption depends on size of joint (see table on page 45). Packaging 25-10-5 kg drums and 12x1 kg packs.