Alkali-resistant rubber tape with felt for cementitious waterproofing systems and liquid membranes. For sealing and waterproofing joints to wall and floor of baths, showers, terraces, balconies, etc., that are to be tiled with ceramic tiles, marble, natural stones. Mapeband can be used with any type of substrate: concrete, wood, plasterboard, etc. Mapeband must be bonded on surfaces which are free of oil, paint, dust and loose parts using Adesilex PG4, Mapelastic and Mapegum WPS?(choose the product to use according to the type of application to be carried out). Strips of Mapeband may be joined with Adesilex T, Adesilex T Super or Adesilex LP. Packaging rolls of 50 m x 12 cm; sealing gasket for outlets 118 x 118 mm and 300 x 300 mm; inside corner 90°; outside corner 270°.