Why Tile Your Pool?

Why Fully Tile Your Pool?

Fully Tiled Pools not only look great, but are superior to rendered pools in many ways. Glass mosaic tiles are becoming increasingly popular for swimming pools, spas and water features. Glass mosaics offer a much wider colour choice than traditional ceramic mosaics and provide visual effects such as crystal, gold and pearl that simply aren’t available when using ceramic tiles. Their small size complements the modern finishes used in today’s homes.

If you decide to purchase your pool tiles through us, we will be happy to recommend some trusted tilers.


Fully tiled pools are easy to clean and maintain. Glass tiles have high resistance to mould, mildew and pool chemicals. If cleaning around the water level is needed a wipe with a mild alkaline cleaner is all that is needed to restore the glass to new again. Tiles should last a life time if the correct adhesives and grouts are used to install them. Another thing to help reduce maintenance is to ensure that you use a licensed tiler with experience tiling pools.


Tiles have an appealing glamour to them. Now days, many mosaic tiles have special visual effects that can lift your colour choice and add sparkle and depth to your swimming pool. With using mosaic tiles you can widen your design choice and have a variety of effects and colours happening in different areas of your pool. You can choose to contrast or blend your tiles with the water colour and your surrounds to create a stunning finish.


Tiles are the gentle option on your feet and skin. They are also less abrasive on your swimwear. Some brands of mosaic tiles offer slip resistant tiles that can be used on submerged steps and ledges to give a more secure grip for your foot. By using a contrasting coloured tile around the edge of steps, submerged ledges and swim outs you can reduce the possibility of accidents from swimmers jumping in and not seeing the object under the water.

Added Value

When you choose the option to fully tile your pool you can gain some comfort from knowing that tiles are the premium option for finishing swimming pools. Your money has been invested well and your fully tiled pool will add to the resale value of your property.